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Twilight’s Temptation — Shades of Night #2, by Shilpa Suraj

Pages: 209
Price: Rs. 125 INR(Kindle edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3s9t0rZ

My take on the book:

Manav, the immensely talented fashion photographer has his eyes only for Diana, the gorgeous supermodel, from the day he first met her. Diana is equally smitten by Manav. They would make for the ideal couple being the best face and talent in the fashion industry, but for a misunderstanding that keeps them apart. As work and common friends make sure they bump into each other frequently, they share a scorching love-hate relationship. What caused this distance between them and if they will succeed in crossing the multiple hurdles forms the rest of the story.

Twilight’s temptation is the second book in the Shades of Night series, after Midnight’s Star , where the reader dived into the life of Avni and Dev. Those who read the first part would recollect the side story of Manav and Diana as the respective friends of Avni and Dev. While the first part introduces these characters, the second part is completely dedicated to Manav and Diana’s story with Avni, Dev, Sehar and Rishi being the supporting characters. The second part also hints at a third one dedicated to Sehar and Rishi’s story.

The first half moves at a fast pace with visible tension between the protagonists, who try to avoid each other but still end up in awkward but interesting situations. The second half is packed with all the emotions which takes the story to a different level from being a routine love story. Manav’s backstory and his family bonds are the highlight of the story.

The author took care to provide enough details of the characters from the first part, but I will personally recommend everyone to read the first part as it is an equally beautiful read. If you read the first part and loved Avni and Dev, you are sure to love Diana and Manav even more, as their characters have been developed very well, as the author justifies how they are the perfect match though they are from completely different backdrops. Diana is an independent, strong willed, smart young woman but Manav scores more brownie points for his emotional turmoil, as he is torn between the baggage from his past and his unflinching love for Diana.

The narration is flawless, laced with the author’s trademark humor and romance. Move on from Dev, as Manav is one of the best fiction characters you would read.

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