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Man Behind the Missing Machine by Avinash Chikte

Publisher: Write Flight Books
Pages: 257
Price: Rs. 324 INR(paperback), Rs. 225 INR(Kindle edition)
ISBN: 978–9354195853
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2Oepj4I

My take on the book:

An aircraft with more than 160 passengers and crew took off from Dubai, never to reach its destination, Mumbai. One passenger deplaned moment before departure and though the crew have carried out mandatory checks for planned sabotage, they found none. None of the extremist groups claimed the flight disappearance as their action.

An aircraft off radars, without being found collapsed or exploded, can only be explained by the missing passenger, whom the security agencies of India are searching for. Finding the missing passenger, the motive behind the disappearance of the flight and the events that lead to it forms the rest of the story.

The title of the book and the cover hint at the theme of the story, so the reader can anticipate the thrill the story has to offer. The USP of the story lies in the protagonist KK finding the first clue about the missing passenger, who does not have any identity or address. Once KK figures out the possible link that will take him to the mysterious man, it’s all about following the lead, one clue to another.

Along with finding the culprit, KK must win the confidence of his seniors who are upset with his past failed missions and win back his lady love Avani following their long separation. The current mission is equally challenging with meagre resources at his disposal, bureaucratic hurdles, and an immature team to support him. 

The multiple twists and turns in the story as KK sets about to find the mystery man keeps the reader engaged through out. The author has done good research around the technicalities of a flight and its operations, security forces, combined with his own personal experience of being a fighter and commercial pilot, however, the writing style gives away that the author is new to writing. 

The narration pace is racy, and the ending is unexpected. The characters are well developed for a thriller. If you are a fan of thriller genre and enjoy fast paced thrillers, then this one will make for a good read. 

My rating: