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The Maharaja’s Fake Fiancée by Alisha Kay

Price: Rs. 99 INR(Kindle edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2P8ZinD

My take on the book:

Nivy Sharma is back in her hometown Devgarh, after five years of working in the movie industry. Her latest movie for which she invested her entire career earnings is abruptly halted. While she is searching for prospective investors to restart the movie, her mother is eager to get her married to end her passion for movies. 

Veerendra Singh, the young Maharaja of Devgarh feels obliged to marry Anika, the daughter of Maharawal for the help he extended after the sudden death of Veerendra’s father. In a bid to get rid of the alliance with Anika, Veer fakes love and engagement with Nivy, best friend of his sister Jess. Nivy also readily agrees to Veer’s idea, to get rid of the suitors her mother is arranging for her. 

However, Veer and Nivy have a past and both have their own reservations and doubts about this fake relationship. Will they be able to carry forward this drama without breaking each other’s hearts forms the rest of the story.

The premise of a reunion story in the backdrop of present-day Maharaja is the USP of the story which the author built well. The charisma of Rani Ma and Veer have been established well by the author as their royal lineage plays a major part of their characters’ sketch. The conversations between Veer and Nivy are witty and dripping with sarcasm. The narration keeps alternating between Nivy and Veer but still the author succeeds in keeping the flow intact. The description of the Devgarh palace and Shikar Bari will transport the reader to the grandeur and luxe lifestyle of the royals. 

I wish Jess and Aryan’s characters were explored more as they are relegated to the background in the second half. The point of conflict between Veer and Nivy could have been stronger to make the narration more interesting. Also, some sentences have been repeated by the characters making them sound redundant. 

For a debut, the author does a very good job and establishes as someone to look out for. If modern day romances interest you then pick this one, as the story entertains from start to finish. 

My rating:


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