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The Right Kind of Wrong: A Passionate angst ridden romantic thriller by Shilpa Suraj

Pages: 165
Price: Rs. 125 INR(Kindle Edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2OZA7nq
My take on the book:

Dr. Aria Dubey has an unexpected patient come into the emergency service in a critical state. The patient’s name, details are highly confidential, and no other doctors or staff can attend him except Aria and her senior. Patient X and Aria develop an awkward bond and before he could completely heal, he is missing from the highly secured hospital premises.

As Karan Bhatnagar, patient X and the intelligence officer arrives at Aria’s doorstep, Aria finds herself at the end of gun fire and as target along with Karan. Karan does not mind risking his life to avenge his personal loss and as he gets attracted to Aria in the process, he is torn between his mission to find the killers and express his feelings for Aria. Will Karan be able to find the culprits or will Aria get in the way of his mission forms the rest of the story.

The background of the story is interesting with a stranger being treated by a doctor under extreme security conditions and slowly their lives getting entangled unintentionally. The way the author unfolds the past of Karan, starting from his name, his profession, the story behind his mission is very impressive, as the reader is kept on the edge as each piece of this puzzle is revealed. The characters of Aria and Karan are contrasting but complement each other when necessity arises. Aria especially is endearing as she keeps switching between the duty-bound doctor and the girl who cannot resist from falling love with Karan — equal parts of bold and vulnerable.

The story has equal doses of romance and thrill, with crackling chemistry between the lead pair along with them hunting down the culprits. The mystery is also held till the end by the author without giving away many clues, hence keeping the reader guessing. While some parts of the narration might feel cliched as often seen in crime thrillers. With a gripping narration and fast pace, pick this one if you are a fan of romance or thriller genres.

My rating: