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Loves Lost by Sourabh Mukherjee

Price: Rs. 49 INR (Kindle edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3nU4NSw

My take on the book:

Loves Lost is a collection five short stories themed around love and as the name suggests Love lost and err in some instances found again. The first story is about a painter who loves the girl he sees from his window and hopes that one day she will turn back to look at him. The second one is about a successful man who just won a prestigious award but awaits his estranged lover; as he keeps turning down the advances of his female colleague, will he reunite with his love?

The third story is about a man who lost his memory, and a haunting billboard, a connection which rakes the depth of his mind to bring back bitter truth about his dead wife. The fourth is about a young guy who assumes his love is not enough for his outspoken friend. The final one is about a young lady who hopes to meet her Prince Charming, yes, a stranger with that pseudo name online after having lost her real love.

While four of the stories are narrated from a male protagonist point of view, I am glad the final one was a female centric one. Few of the stories have an unexpected twist at the end, leaving the reader surprised. While some of them will be predictable if you are a staunch reader of short stories, one of them felt unrealistic and too fictitious for me. The backdrop for all the stories are urban and diverse. I would have also preferred more love and romance between the characters as per the theme.

If you are beginner and love to read short, simple stories, then you may give this a try, however they may not appeal much to seasoned readers.

My rating: