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Man Hunt by Priya Kumar

Publisher: Books That Inspire
Price: Rs. 299 INR(paperback)
ISBN: 978–8193391297
Buy here: https://amzn.to/33rnczg

My take on the book:

Neil a junior forest officer at the Nagarjuna Forest reserve loves his job because it keeps him near to Bhikku, the monk who stays in this forest. Neil loved to be meet Bhikku, listen to him; something Neil looked forward to daily. After their monastery was ruined in a forest fire, though all his peers moved outside the forest reserve, Bhikku lived in his modest living place in the middle of nature. 

Kalu, Neil’s assistant and their driver had intentions to explore the forest but Sakshi, the forest officer who is an honest animal activist and environmentalist would always keep him in check as she suspected him to be indulging in nefarious activities. 

Nikhil is a busy scientist from New Delhi who recently got divorced from his wife Naina owing to his busy life and inability to allot time for family. This lifestyle of Nikhil forced Naina to fall in love with Jay Seth and ultimately marry him. The one most affected by this separation is their son Rahul who is not able to accept Jay in his mother’s life. Going on a trip to the Nagarjuna Forest Reserve for Rahul’s birthday is Jay’s plan to get close to Rahul. 

Naseer a rich businessman is also on a trip to the same forest on a break from his busy life, also as he muses on the heir for his hard-earned empire as his son Shaan is a spoilt brat reluctant to take over the reins. 

Around the same time, Neil is alarmed by the sight of a white tiger near Bhikku; Neil is shocked by its sudden appearance as they have a count of the 72 tigers and strict surveillance as well for them. Is there a conspiracy behind this white tiger and selfish motives of these visitors forms the rest of the story.

I have earlier read 2 books from Priya Kumar and both were non-fiction which belonged to the self-help genre. This is my first fiction from her, and I did find streaks of wisdom from the author through the character Bhikku. Bhikku is also the most charming character in the story as his presence brings a certain peace and calm; the narration is so descriptive that the reader experiences the forest reserve through the author’s writing. The backdrop for the story is unique, the pace is fast and the way each of these characters is connected into the storyline is impressive.

The story makes for a racy thriller while giving out the message of how humans exploit nature for their selfish motives. The way author mixed wisdom into a fictional story is the highlight of this book. The story questions human psyche and behavior in subtle ways putting across some discomfort able thoughts. If you like thrillers and thought-provoking stories or different storylines, then this is a must read.

My rating:


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