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The Mother of All Parties by Padmini Sankar

Publisher: Black Ink
Pages: 260
Price: Rs. 299 INR(Paperback), Rs. 175 INR (Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978–9353577049
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3hbrVbQ

My take on the book:

Raj and his wife Pam have recently entered the elite member club in Dubai with Raj’s own business now doing extremely well. Though they are now a prominent part of the party circuit for the rich, Pam is constantly teased and looked down upon by Honey, with whom her relationship dated back to many years; to the time when Raj worked under Honey’s husband. Their husbands are friends so are their kids, and they shared the same Kitty Party circle, but Pam could never feel on par with Honey.

Pam being a proud owner of a successful business venture does not help with her insecurities and adding fuel to her constant comparison with Honey is their upcoming Twentieth marriage anniversary, only a week later than Honey’s. As Pam hopes to plan and host the best party in the city, one that will bring her a few notches higher than Honey, she suddenly has to deal with Kabeer Dar walking back into her life, the charming guy she had an affair a decade ago, a rebellious teenage daughter who would oppose everything Pam would command and a husband who wouldn’t acknowledge her presence in their failing marriage. Will Pam be able to host the Mother of all parties in the middle of all of this?

On the outset, the story depicts the glitzy high life of the rich in Dubai, constantly party hopping — planning for the next party while still attending one. However, as the narration picks pace, the story mirrors about those who suddenly enter the elite circuit and struggle to adjust to the shallow relationships and constant gossip. To fit herself into this new life, Pam even gets labelled by her daughter as a desperate socialite. The author balances the story with equal amount of fun and sarcasm while showcasing the
real life beyond this glamour.

Though the blurb states the backdrop for the story, the author makes the story interesting by revealing a new twist every few pages. While the story retains the fun undertones throughout, some parts are cliched like depicting middle aged woman and their struggle dealing with boring partners, rude teenage kids, nosy friends and an imminent affair with a younger guy.

An elegant, successful woman looking for validation from her family and friends is the harsh reality which is treated well by the author albeit in a lighter way. The backdrop of Dubai is well used by the author for the entire length. If you are looking for a lighthearted, fun read, then this is the one.

My rating: