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Vijyant at Kargil: The Biography of a War Hero by V N Thapar and Neha Dwivedi

Publisher: Ebury Press
Pages: 288
Price: Rs. 299 INR(Paperback), Rs. 79 INR(Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978–0143450252
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2PE0HPN

My take on the book:

Vijyant at Kargil is the biography of Capt Vijyant Thapar, Vir Chakra who got martyred at the age of 22 in the Kargil war. The biography is co-authored by COL V.N.Thapar, father of Vijayant along with Neha Dwivedi who is also daughter of a Kargil War martyr. The book starts with a brief glimpse of the Kargil war days, so the reader has a heads-up of how the story is going to end. The story then starts from when Vijyant’s father got married, the multiple places he gets transferred to as part of his role in the defense services and birth of Vijyant. 

Even the way Vijyant’s name has been conceived by his father after a battle tank is interesting. His growing years with his visiting cousins, making new friends at new places every few years, living in defense cantonments in the middle of the armed forces is vividly described. As a family who have served the country for generations and being around men in uniform, joining the Armed Forces was an obvious choice for Vijyant. 

We often read about these brave hearts only in news article, which generally describe only their moment of martyrdom. However, this book explores Vijyant’s story as his proud father reminisces his son’s life starting from birth, providing the minute details of his childhood and growing up years; the story hence captures the unknown and personal side of Vijyant, his fond memories from his family’s view. The final chapters are obviously heart-breaking, but the story is overall very inspiring and fulfilling. The actual war and the prelude these sequences are very gripping. 

The pictures shared by the family, Vijyant’s diary entries are soul-stirring to go through. The valor, grit and determination of Vijyant and hence makes for an important read and it was very kind of the authors to put forth such material in public domain. This book is a must read, especially for the youth of the country to know the sacrifices of their brothers, as they make sure all of us stay safe and thus help build the country.

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