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2049 by Deepak Kaul

Pages: 56
Price: Rs. 150 INR(Kindle edition)
ASIN: B08692VN6B
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3cibA3q

The flood has come.

My take on the book:

The year is 2049 and the world is reeling under the extreme effects of climate change. The aftermath of this climate mayhem is narrated from the perspective of four individuals each from a different location — all affected directly or indirectly. There are no names, just the shock of living with the aftereffects of decades of human negligence. The first individual is in New York City which is now submerged, with citizens wading through in ankle length water. The same city, which was once his dream place to live in, turned un-inhabitable and reaching the workplace daily is a struggle.

The second is living inside the Wall, the only place which is fit for living now. The third is a war veteran who is now guarding the Wall — even a drive outside of the Wall feels like a nightmare as the temperature outside are higher than in deserts in older days. And the fourth one, brother of the war veteran is struck in outer space with a negligible food ration to survive, no option to return to earth, no option to bring food for them.

The story is a futuristic attempt by the author, trying to visualize a world that would have been unworthy of living if the climate change continued at the same pace as it is right now. The author takes four different locations to showcase his thoughts thus covering all possible effects of climate change on mankind, even extending to those living in the outer space. The story is of course a strong commentary at the negligence of humans as they take this planet for granted through their careless acts. 

Though the story is supposed to be happening almost three decades from now, it does not sound absurd as the author has critical reasoning supporting his views and if the reader heard anything about climate change and its affects, they would agree that this sort of future is fast approaching. The book is short and concise, to the point and highlights the grave mistakes being committed by individuals, countries and their leadership without being preachy. In the current world scenario, this book is a definite reminder to wake up from our slumber and act before it is too late, and hence is a must read.

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