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Once Upon Us by Abhiishek Mohta

Publisher: Multiverse Publishers
Pages: 174
Price: Rs. 100 INR(Paperback), Rs. 50 INR(Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978-1706094586
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2xApsqw

Arjun Bedi’s college dreams include an education, meeting new friends and hopefully launching a successful music career. With the notes in his soul, he feels the rhythm in his rhymes and the beat of the instruments even when he closes his eyes. When he meets Saatvika Lakhiani, her voice and her form inspire that music and shine through every interaction they have. There is something about her that pulls him and calls to him… an underlying feeling that maybe she is the one who will complete him and be the partner he need. However, sorority princess Abhilasha walks and talks as if Arjun is already hers, a fact that seems surer by the day. While Saatvika is not exactly looking for a relationship, there is something about Arjun that makes her catch her breath — and ensures that a confrontation with Abhilasha is inevitable.

About the author:

Abhiishek Mohta, is a novelist, a screenwriter as well as synopsis writer who lives and works in Mumbai. He is a Fellow Member of Screenwriters Association (Indian Member №. 35993). His primary focus of interest is in writing scripts for TV, films; and novels of different genres such as romance, humor, mystery and suspense. Abhiishek Mohta has recently been credited as “Creative” on a mytho tv show for Colors tv, named “Shrimad Bhagawat Mahapuran”.

You can connect with him on abhiishekmohta@gmail.com

My take on the book:

Arjun Bedi, a famous rockstar receives at midnight news of death of his ex-wife Saatvika. Since his present wife Abhilasha objects to anymore communication with Saatvika, Arjun even severs all ties with Abhilasha to see Saatvika one last time. Instead of her last glimpse, Arjun receives her personal diary which makes him recount the older times and how it all started during their college days. Arjun who always harbored love for music could not pursue his passion and Saatvika constantly supported to help Arjun attain stardom. What was the reason for the separation of Arjun and Saatvika and where does Abhilasha figure in their lives forms the rest of the story.

The author took risk by starting the book revealing the end and then goes back into narrating the past. The storyline on whole has scope to attract young readers due to the college backdrop and protagonist being rockstar. Also, the love triangle is supposed to add the required drama.

However, the major drawbacks of the book are the grammar mistakes and the writing style of the author which gets difficult to follow for the reader. Also the multiple characters introduced in the subplots are not weaved properly in the story. The intended message of cherishing and respecting true love is lost in the way the story is narrated. Better editing would have helped this book which suffers majorly due to poor editing.

If you are a beginner and prefer college themed love stories then you may not mind the hiccups.

My rating: