Book Review - The Chemical Drones by Hashwrite

Book Review - The Chemical Drones by Hashwrite

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The Chemical Drones by Hashwrite

Publisher: Notion Press
Pages: 106
Price: Rs. 499 INR(Paperback), Rs. 130 INR(Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978–1646785742
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When a mischief lands Grade IV at the WonderWiz school in trouble, the Chemical Drones must save the day. Of course, it cannot be done in haste and without a plan. All of Grade IV comes together to hatch a plan.

What follows is a rollercoaster ride — ups and downs, fun, surprises and little miracles. Meet the Chemical Drones on their adventures. Explore WonderWiz and have fun at the Blitz. Find out if the Chemical Drones really save the day.

About the authors:

HashWrite is the pen name of an India-based author/artist duo Preeta Chandran and Pankaj Kumar Saxena. They are the authors of two art-poetry books published in 2013 and 2018 respectively. As guest speakers at the Kolkata International Book Festival, they have been featured on one of the world’s largest television networks, Doordarshan. Preeta has appeared in numerous Indian and international anthologies and won awards from literary journals such as Muse India. She has also won a prize in the haiku contest of Hindustan Times Brunch. Pankaj has held prominence in exhibitions across the world. His work has been written about in leading dailies. Both of them have worked as former Operations Leaders at a global conglomerate and currently run a digital media company.

My take on the book:

A naughty and silly act by Tanny upsets her teachers and Principal resulting in the entire Grade IV of Wonderwiz school barred from participating in the upcoming inter-school Blitz. The five buddies, The Chemical Drones are determined to correct this mistake, set things right by doing something totally unexpected by their teachers. This requires lot of planning while keeping low-key and without their teachers noticing them. They also need their entire classes’ cooperation to succeed in this secret mission. Will The Chemical Drones finally impress their teachers, make their school and parents proud forms the rest of the story.

The Chemical Drones is a heartwarming story of five kids who do everything possible to undo the effects of one of their pals’ mistake. Though the book is intended for young kids, even adults will enjoy it and have sweet takeaways. The funky comic pictures are a treat of the eyes and keep the readers in good spirits. There is always dearth of good books for kids which can keep them entertained as well as send out a subtle message; this one succeeds in both areas.

The story at places might sound a bit mature for fourth graders as we generally expect them to be only naughty and fun loving and not take up responsibilities or be sensible. However, the authors break that stereotype with their characters who are lovable. The story is to the point without any unwanted distractions and at the end, reader will crave to read more about The Chemical Drones.

Highly recommended for all kids this summer and for those who always look for an opportunity to relive their childhood days.

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