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Man of her Match — by Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Pages: 272
Price: Rs. 299 INR(Paperback), Rs. 180 INR(Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978–0143426257
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2UV0Ikq

Love and cricket clash in this playful match of saucy quips and toe-curling romance
Kicked off the team for a series of misdemeanors, Indian cricket’s playboy Vikram Walia finally has a chance at redemption. The only problem: it involves collaborating with his childhood best friend turned sworn enemy, Nidhi Marwah. Once a tomboy, now a gorgeous, self-assured marketing professional, Nidhi must put aside her personal dislike of Vikram because she needs his unparalleled fame and poster-boy good looks to spearhead her latest campaign.
But the ensuing battle of sardonic jibes and veiled slurs only heightens their blazing chemistry. Soon memories of their childhood fill their every moment together, pulling them back to that fateful day when a heartless act destroyed their friendship.
Can Vikram and Nidhi put their stormy past behind them? Will their partnership have a second innings?

My take on this book

This is the story of hot and happening but seemingly arrogant and ill tempered Vikram Walia who is just expelled from the Indian Cricket team for misconduct. To try and change his public image, he agrees to promote EducateIn social campaign which is headed by Nidhu Marwah who was Vikram’s childhood friend, neighbor and sweetheart.

No its not so straight forward, our protagonists have been separated twelve years ago and what follows is how they start from being enemies who hate to meet each other to rediscovering their lost friendship and love.

The story keeps going back and forth in time during the first half, giving the reader sneak peaks into Vikram(Viks) and Nidhi(Billi) childhood adventures. While it seems like any other rom-com on the surface, the romance and love between a current day cricketer and supremely confident marketing professional is what makes the story stand apart and makes the book very special. Even when you know how the story is going to culminate and the conflicts are only thrown for the sake of it, the book in unputdownable.

I would have loved more depth to the supporting characters as none other than the protagonists leave an impact. Kuku’s characterization is pretty disappointing as it seems a tad superficial and OTT. But what is endearing overall are the conversations between the leads and how their relationship once again blooms from where it was left off more than a decade ago.

It has been a very long time that I went back to a book for a second read, but this one, I am sure to pick up again in a few days. Vikram and Nidhi are sure to stay with the readers for a while and how.

My rating