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Sanjogita by K.K.Sinha

Publisher: Author’s Ink Publications
Pages: 178
Price: Rs. 99 INR(Kindle Edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3bCFtLk

Sanjogita is based on the familiar story of Sanjogita, the daughter of King Jeychand. The book opens up a complex love- triangle with its attendant court intrigues, culminating into a war between Mohammed of Ghor and Prithviraj. Alas! It sealed India’s destiny for centuries. The novel holds a mix of love and hatred, war and conspiracy, valour and cowardice and above all, patriotism and treachery.

About the author Late Shri Kali Kumar Sinha:

K.K.Sinha was a professor of the Patna Law College in the second decade of the twentieth century. In the beginning, he was the sole incharge of pleadership classes, thereafter he was drafted into the Law College. 

Sinha was one of the pioneer journalists in the erstwhile Bihar, having started two dailies: The Bihar Guardian & The Biharee. Besides, he wrote two novels, The Star of Sikhri: A Novel by a Hindu(1893) and Sanjogita: The Princess of Aryavarta(1903). He has two other books as well to his credit. One of them was on the First World War titled The Conflict of Nations and the other on Hindu Law. His book The Conflict of Nations got favorable reviews in the London Times. 

As Retd. Lt. Gen S.K.Sinha says, ‘When I was in London I was thrilled to find his book The Star of Sikri and the Conflict of Nations in the India Official Collection of the British Library. 

Dr. Rajpati Kumar Sinha (Dr. R.K.Sinha) is a retired University Professor of English, Ranchi University. 

My take on the book:

Sanjogita is the true life account of Princess Sanjogita of Kanouj, her father King Jeychand, her love for Prithviraj Chauhan, King of Ajmer, the conflict between her father and the man she loved due to jealousy over the choice of heir for Delhi; and how her father’s one-sided hatred, ego, and foolishness finally led to the downfall of the entire Kingdom of Aryavarta due to his involvement with Mohammad of Ghor.

This is one of the first historical novels written in India by an Indian author in 1903 by Late Shri K.K.Sinha and even today after more than a century it still holds the reader’s attention as it traces one of the most crucial events in Indian history. Also, it is one of those events that is not always found in history books, hence the author and the publisher need appreciation for highlighting such forgotten tales from the archives of history.

Though it a true historic retelling, the author showcases his brilliance in bringing all the characters to life in way the reader can connect to them. Princess Sanjogita has the conviction, the charm, beauty and the boldness that is trademark of women back in those days. The story has a vintage feel as the language is not modified to sound modern and stays true to those times. The conspiracies and the resulting wars, the conflicts between kingdoms and the moral strength of virtuous rulers from those days is well captured. 

Sanjogita is one of those stories which engages the reader from start till end as it meticulously traces the long-gone era and the reason for the demolition of the Kingdom of Aryavarta. Highly recommended!

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