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What The Eyes See — by Nitya Ravi

Publisher: Invincible Publishers
Pages: 192
Price: Rs. 295 INR(Paperback), Rs. 0 INR(Kindle 
ISBN: 978–9389600124
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2skY3Xh

“Freshly Baked Best Dark Stories of 2019 by Invincible Author” — Times Of India

‘A brilliant take on unheard scenarios. Makes a thought provoking read!’
Author of ‘The Girl Who Saw It All’ and’The Ascent of Love’

How much of what you see can you believe?
How much can you trust yourself and the people around you?

Sometime into the future, a 60-year-old man is suspicious about the Artificial Intelligence he has procured for his home.

Back in the 70’s, a man visiting his hometown for vacation has the most terrifying experience of his life.

In Delhi, a young woman gets a beautiful gift, which she later realizes might not be so beautiful after all.

In Dubai, a young entrepreneur realizes that giving lift to strangers might lead to horrifying consequences.

These and many more… What the Eyes See is a collection of dark stories to take with you into the night.

About the author:

Nitya enjoys expressing herself through written words and loves reading and writing intriguing and dark stories. Born in India, she spend most of her life in the sunny city of Dubai where she currently resides with her family with lots of sunshine and happiness around her. She is currently on a break from her corporate job.

What the Eyes See is her debut book.

My take on the book:

What the Eyes See is a collection of seven short stories with a common theme of dark, horror background with surprise twists that are bound to stump the reader. All stories have different backdrops and a very surprising climax though the underlying theme is predominantly horror and suspense. The author covers diverse topics like Artificial Intelligence, Dystopia, Mind Reading, Hallucinations, et al.

The cover and the blurb are intriguing so are the themes for each of the stories. The suspense is built well till the end for each of the stories and revealed with an interesting twist. For a debut, it is appreciable that the author picked different concepts and stories instead of choosing a risk-free theme. The easy and conversational style of writing will be a plus of beginners and novices however, that can be a disadvantage for seasoned readers as they might expect better narration pace and style.

If you are looking for a collection of short stories filled with good suspense and thrills, then this is a must read.

My rating: