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Publisher: Independently Published
Pages: 38
Price: Rs. 87 INR(Kindle Edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2O006Yi

Stripes has a dream…One simple dream ,to get a job that challenges him and utilises his skills. Sadly, he’s held back by the fact that he’s a tiger in a human world. Stripes Recruitment is a new short story from the author of the award winning ‘The White Room of the Asylum’.

My take on the book:

Stripes has one single long pending dream —  to get a job that will push him beyond his limits; a job that is not only high paying but also challenging. He had been relentlessly trying for a job not just for one skill set but in different domains. Every interview only resulted in more disappointment and heartbreak thus bringing down his morale. Each organization and enterprise that interviewed him concluded him unfit for the job he was expecting and instead offered him a different one. Stripes assumed he was declined these jobs because he is a Tiger trying to fit into a human world. Will Stripes be able to find the job that he had been yearning for forms the rest of the story.

At less than 40 pages, this is a short read which sticks to the theme at hand without deviating at all. The story has a strong message while subtly highlighting how the society snubs people who wish to achieve their dreams or those who deviate from the path they are deemed worth of. Stripes being a Tiger is a metaphor which is a brilliant idea from the author; the characters though few make a strong impact. The cover so as the blurb are intriguing and will make the reader pick up the book. 

The fact that Stripes finally finds his calling in a profession which he did not realize he was meant to be is the highlight, so as the message that helping others and being selfless and kind can truly change lives, in the long run. Pick this one for a short but memorable read and I truly loved how the author could squeeze such message in a few pages. Highly recommended!

My rating:


“I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset” https://rakhijayashankar.blogspot.in