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Timepass-Story of Internet Addiction — by Amit Joshi

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 325

Price: Rs. 250 INR(Paperback), Rs. 50 INR (Kindle Edition)


Buy here: https://amzn.to/344X3Ec

You might be unaware of the perils of Internet Addiction. It was a light and ridiculous term for Shikhar too until it gripped him. Once he came to know of its crippling nature, life changed for him. Is Internet Addiction a reality or an exaggerated non-issue? To answer this question, Shikhar will lead you into the mysterious world of Dr. NET NOT, where everything is available except the seductive Internet. Will Shikhar be able to get rid of his Internet Addiction? Or will it lead his whole life in the virtual universe of likes and emojis? TIMEPASS is a captivating & beautiful story which strikes on the subconscious mind of teenagers, youngsters and adults. After reading the book, you’d be able to judge for yourself whether passing your time on the internet is really that harmless or not.

About the author:

Amit Joshi, a Graphic Designer by profession, is the Founder of Cromatik, a design company. His enormous experience of eighteen years in the field of design and photography helps his clients sell their products at a faster pace. While his clients knows him a designer with a great aesthetic sense, his friends and near ones consider him a jolly and helpful human being. He is a commerce graduate and lives with his wife, Sonia, and son, Aagman, in New Delhi. Amit is fond of reading comic books and novels since his childhood. A story which is not only original but could touch the invisible threads of human emotions: writing such a story was always his dream. TIMEPASS is the first book of that dream project which puts readers face to face with the truth behind the internet. A truth that, perhaps, itself lies in their subconscious.

Amit’s email is write@authoramit.com
Timepass: www.authoramit.com/Timepass
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authoramitjoshi

My take on the book:

Is Internet Addiction hyped or is it for real? What do all of us experience when we spend endless hours on internet without any real goals? Does it boil down to just timepass? How many people of this generation realize the amount of time they are spending on Internet — from their phones and from their laptops? 

‘Timepass’ by Amit Joshi discusses this very important and relevant topic, a story centered around Shikar who gets into this whirlpool of Internet addiction and luckily also realizes it. To come out of this addiction, Shikar approaches a de-addiction/rehab center, a place where the entire world is available except Internet. Will this place help Shikar get rid of his addiction or will it drive him more insane forms the rest of the story.

The book is realistic and touches upon the silent but powerful killer of current generation which is increasingly getting obsessed with internet usage, likes and comments on social media, the fear of missing out on all the content that is out there for consumption. Instead of jotting down the same points in a non-fiction style, the author makes it appealing and interesting by weaving a fictional story around the theme at hand.

The psychological changes that excess usage of internet is inducing in youngsters and moving them away from reality is well captured in the story. However, the author should have concentrated more on establishing the characters and dwelling more into their psyche. The book succeeds in effectively conveying an important message and hence is a must read for each one of us, as it helps us introspect on our online habits.

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