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Dreams Dont Die…Do they - by R Sivaraman

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

Pages: 143

Price: Rs. 170 INR(Paperback), Rs. 49 INR(Kindle Edition)

ISBN: 978–9389125993

Buy here: https://amzn.to/32KzOyu

Broken dreams abruptly cut short, and the irreversibility with which it all happens, leaves behind a scar on the soul with a lingering nostalgic wound. Naina and Rajan are two ordinary individuals whose lives are dotted with extraordinary tragic events. Rajan from Wandoor, Andaman meets Naina in Bhopal, the local girl. The college classmates fall in love in, almost. One unexpected ugly incident and a moment of emotional insanity that follows, reshape their lives forever. They part with bitter memories without a goodbye. Naina and Rajan’s lives move like a starkly outlined parable and in the course on the next twelve years they meet thrice, two chance encounters and one deliberate. As their lives traverse along the rugged paths of Kargil war, Andaman Tsunami and Mumbai terror attack, will their dreams tag along? ‘Dreams Don’t Die… Do They?’ is an epic tale of the travesties of fate, survival of humanity in tragedy, and enduring undying love.

About the author:

R Sivaraman is a retired army officer. In his twenty years of professional career, he has served across the length and breadth of India, including trouble torn areas.

The experience of seeing various facets of the country through close quarters is reflected in his writings. Although the interest for telling stories dates back to the school days, this is his maiden attempt at writing a full-fledged novel.

He is a dreamer who loves to travel, watch movies, read, play golf, and experiment with his culinary skills.

My take on the book:

Naina and Rajan bump into each other at the Jaipur airport as Naina was returning home to Mumbai from Delhi while Rajan was returning back to work at Gulmarg, Kashmir. The once friends turned lovers, who got separated in a bitter way are initially awkward only to realize an icebreaker is all that they needed before reminiscing on good old times. As they meet sometimes accidentally and at times intentionally ,amidst major events like the Kargil war, Andaman Tsunami and Mumbai terror attack, the recurring question was if these are destined to happen, or if it is fate at play. As the story traverses their journey across decades and life changing moments, do they carry along their unfilled dreams forms the rest of the story.

The story starts with Naina and Rajan meeting unexpectedly in Jaipur airport from where the story travels back in time to explore how Rajan’s grandfather reached Andaman from Wandoor in search of livelihood and better living opportunities to Rajan moving to Bhopal for his further studies. The story thus traces Rajan meeting Naina for the first time in a very awkward way in college to them instantly hitting it up, but then parting ways too soon. As they keep meeting amidst tense and unfortunate situations, the reader is given insight into the journey of Naina and Rajan.

The story from the word go reveals the emotions the reader is about to experience, with a beautiful love story set against the backdrop of major true incidents that happened in the past few decades. The major advantage is the gripping narration and story that draw the attention of the reader and holds till the end. The cover and title tease with just enough details; the story captures the essence of life in the middle of tragedies and the spirit of human emotions in the worst of situations. Pick this one to explore a different kind of love story that stays with you and is heartwarming!

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