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I Think I am in Love — by Devanshi Sharma

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Pages: 208

Price: Rs. 195 INR(Paperback), Rs. 150 INR(Kindle Edition)

ISBN: 978–9387022508

Buy here: https://amzn.to/2FMoYig

The bond that is forged in an ice skating rink and made stronger over many tea and coffee breaks at work, eventually turns crazy when love sneaks in.

Meera, the carefree and successful fashion blogger, falls in love with her khadoos best friend, Ishaan. Walking together, falling together, getting up together — somewhere they find their destination, only to realise that the journey itself was far better.

I Think I am in Love is a story of finding friendship, chasing love, nurturing dreams, and striking a balance between all of them. A story of true love trying to find a way, narrated straight from the heart.

My take on the book:

Meera and Ishaan are attending their colleague’s marriage along with other friends, but both want to maintain their cold attitude to each other. Ishaan cares for Meera but does not want her to assume that as love. Meera is deeply in love with Ishaan and not able to with stand his mood swings and on-and-off attitude towards her. But their relationship was not always like that.

Meera Tiwari is a successful fashion blogger who starts interning with an organization right after finishing her studies. There she meets Ishaan who is her senior at work and already have been working for the Co for the past four years. Meera is unaware that she is already famous in the office circles for being passionate about fashion blogging along with her full time job. Thats the first impression of Meera that Ishaan has which he admires about Meera for being hardworking, and passionate about blogging while being dedicated to her day job.

Each coincidence leads to one more planned meeting and Meera and Ishaan become good friends before they can realize. Does love find a way and will they both acknowledge it finally after denying it for the longest time, forms the rest of the story.

The story of Meera and Ishaan is a contemporary love story set against corporate backdrop about two string characters who figure out their relationship in their own way. While Ishaan is someone very endearing and lovable from the word go, Meera as a person needs sometime to be understood by the reader. The author portrays Meera as a simple, flawed character who is easily termed immature by the people around her, irrespective of her work success and passion for blogging.

A major part of the book is taken up by the initial marriage sequences and few other moments spent by the lead characters, with each of them expressing their point of views about the other person. The author should have built more story into these pages rather than the narration beating around the bush and taking time to pick speed. The second half has more of the story happening, as the first half tries to build the main characters and their back story.

Pick this one for a light read of a love story, and for a easy fun ride with Meera and Ishaan.

My rating: