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NUMI: The Guarded Loop — by Nupur Sandhu

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers
Price: Rs. 190 INR(paperback), Rs. 50 INR(Kindle edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2FBwqMX

“NUMI The Guarded Loop” takes us through the mystic, beautiful and intriguing journey of Nuha, a sensitive young girl. She has already hit the quintessential milestones of life, yet continues to look for the oasis, searching within her soulful realms for vistas unknown. Life is seldom all about the crust. It is an inexplicable amalgamation of memories, insights and the miniature droplets of self-realization we conjure on the way. The transcendence she experiences through her journey flips her back to the revered but concealed moments from lives gone by; she morphs from a jovial youngster to an enlightened soul, having inculcated the art of being in sync with the supreme Creator. Her trysts with the mystical lead her to making soul-stirring revelations. Discover how the protagonist’s life takes a 360 degree turn when she meets someone with whom she had spent 7200 life times? Experience how the experiences of her previous lifetimes imprint and control her present? Will Nuha be able to complete the puzzle of her deep-felt connection with the stranger?

About the author:

An author of two books-18 Real Life Stories Of Great Valour and Bravery and Vinegar and Honey For Perfect Harmony,and one audio book — Bharat Ke Bahadur Bachche, Nupur epitomizes the modern woman who dons many hats. A playwright who lives to write about the burning issues in modern society, her play ‘In Her Shoes: A Journey Within’ dealing with issues of body shaming was staged in six states and was also part of the Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai. She is also an award-winning film-maker of three short films that have received accolades at different International and National film festivals. Her paper ‘Face The Face Beneath The Face’ has been published in International Journal of Indian Psychology. Besides her creative endeavors, Nupur likes to travel and meet people as well. Her deep understanding of human nature is something that is visible in all her works which make for a very interesting read.

My take on the book:

Nuha is happily married to Robin for more than two decades and her life appears perfect for everyone around her. Except that Nuha has a wierd feeling making her constantly uneasy, and when accompanying her photographer husband on one assignment, a stranger strikes an instant chord with her and suggests that she meet Minha. From the moment Nuha meets Minha, she starts feeling of unexplained attachment with Minha. A set of coincidences turn into destiny. Is Minha the answer to all the questions Nuha had over the years? Is there a life of Nuha beyond the current happiness, an unknown burden she is carrying? Where will life lead Nuha along with Minha forms the rest of the story.

The story has a certain mystery throughout, from the first page as Nuha explores the different aspects of her life, as she recollects the past incidents of different stages of life and slowly delves into her past lives as well. Nuha’s life and different layers of her are revealed slowly in the story, taking the reader step-by-step into her persona, and the people who affected her life shaping it in ways she herself does not realize.

The characters are introduced as the story proceeds and Nuha being the central character has her own strengths as well as flaws. The author should have explored Minha also equally since, as the title suggests, Nuha and Minha are two equal halves of Numi. The past life regressions that are shown at the starting when Nuha starts on this journey are interesting, however get repetitive towards the end. Also, Nuha’s conflict between her present life and her past lives could have been handled better.

The concept is fresh and the mystery factor is maintained well by the author for most of the story, with the narrative graph dropping only towards the end. Pick this one for a different concept and story line which is engaging and intriguing.

My rating: